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In Working Girl, Tess McGill, the non-graduate of Wharton and Harvard, adeptly and concisely explains the process of gathering and developing competitive intelligence to a skeptical audience:

"This is Forbes... .
It's just your basic article about how you were looking to expand into broadcasting.
Now the same day ... I'm reading page six of the Post, and there's this item on Bobby Stein the radio talk show guy ... . He's hosting this charity auction that night - real blue bloods. Now I turn the page to Suzy who does the society stuff and there's this picture of your daughter ... and she's helping to organize the charity ball.
So I started to think, Trask, radio. Trask, radio. And then I hooked up with Jack, and he came on board with Metro. And so now, here we are."

For Tess, this is a process which she undertakes instinctively, making what may seem like unrelated leaps of faith and logic but what are actually leaps grounded in knowledge absorbed from all manner of sources and resources, allowed to percolate in her brain until she places them in the order required.

For the rest of us, this is a process which we have to learn, cautiously recording and filing each piece of information, analyzing and re-analyzing, ensuring that each step is throughly explored in the appropriate order, and hoping that good instincts will eventually appear ... .

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