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Case studies are used by a variety of different academic disciplines ranging from education to nursing to business. They may be presented in the classroom as a way of offering students a chance to deal with issues involved in:

Product / Treatment efficacy
Customer satisfaction
Emergency / Disaster response
Patient care
Transition learning
Political transitions
Human resource management (employee motivation, satisfaction, stress, retention)
Change management
Physical environment
Time - motion

There is no one "perfect" way to develop and present a case study; different disciplines, faculty, organizations and publishers have different approaches. However, the links and other information presented below may help you develop an approach appropriate to your assignment. Remember, your first and best resource is your professor; make sure to check with him or her.

For more information on case study research, and on constructing and presenting a case, you may want to explore:

From Story to Parable to Case Study

The notes which follow offer a brief outline of some of the issues surrounding case study research. They are designed to be used in conjunction with the resources above, class discussion and a parallel bibliographic instructional session.



Decision Rules


Value of Solution


Choosing a Case

Formal Presentation

Concept of Teaching Notes

Traps for the Unwary

Traps ... Invalid Causal Inferences

Traps ... Inappropriate Analysis

Traps ... Skewed Presentation Methodology

Ethical Issues

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