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Constructing a web site, whether for an organization or for an individual, is a lot like constructing a house. Your first thoughts should not be of buying the nails, the wood and the tools, or telling your friends the new address. There are more important things to think about first. What kind of a house would you like? Is it appropriate to your lifestyle? Can you afford to maintain it? Does it fit in with the neighbourhood? Are there zoning regulations to consider? Will you need help building it?

In terms of a web site, the questions you should ask yourself are very similar.

Before beginning, accept two basic realities:

If you can truly accept these realities, you will spend far more time on the content, functionality and usefulness of your site, and far less time worrying about constructing a perfectly designed, beautiful site.


Mission and purpose of the site


Appropriate to web-based organization of information

Past, present and future represented

Links to related resources

Consistency of format

Coherent structure

Accept the global nature of the web


Transparent pages

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Text path/Low graphics

Sound and Lights

Utilize web structure to good effect

Portrayal of the item in various browsers / coding standards

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Standards and Guidelines

If you want to have your page mounted on a server, you will have to follow the standards and guidelines laid down by the server's owner. The owner of the web server may share legal liability for the content mounted. Intellectual property, as it relates to the ownership of materials which are mounted on the server, permission for certain links to be made, third party ownership of technology/applications used for document creation, ownership of trademarks, etc., are matters of valid concern for server owner, web site creator and web site maintainer. Once mounted, your page is available worldwide. If you have violated someone's intellectual property rights, they will find out about it. Every document, design, file, and the like has an owner. You must not mount anything on your page that is owned by someone else without written permission. Further, you must not indicate or even imply you are the property owner if, in fact, you are not.

Generally speaking:


Maintenance is where the real cost of a web site surfaces. The cost is hidden in the amount of time it takes to answer questions, check links, rebuild old pages, and build new ones.

Every page should have a mailto: and/or some other form of email contact for the creator and/or maintainer of the page/site. Mail should be read and answered at least every two to three days (more often if your page is an institutional or organizational home page). Links to other sites should be checked frequently to determine if the urls are still active and the sites are still useful. Pages should be updated/revised/altered on a regular basis.

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